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About This Blog

This blog mostly features my own 3D designs and articles relating to tiny architectural design. I don't just focus on the "regular" tiny house, but also on converting existing unique small buildings into habitable spaces or offices. You can filter posts by clicking on a category below, and please feel free to email me suggestions and comments via the icon at the bottom of any page.

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CATEGORIES: tiny architecture, studio, garage

Posted on 16th November, 2019

Having redesigned the garden with new priorities, there was no longer any room for a small studio space for myself. But then I spied an opportunity that will hopefully prove to be more cost effective anyway; converting half of the garage!



CATEGORIES: article, opinion, affordable housing


At a time when even simple beach huts (capable only of fitting in a single chair) start at prices around £10k, it's no wonder that young adults are forced out of the housing market. I take a look at the stark reality facing people like me, who dream of having a place of their own which they can call home...