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Welcome to Studio Jamming!
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Jamie Warne

I'm a freelance creative person with many interests; music, photography, small space design, model-making, and everything in between!


No; I apologise if the company name led you to believe otherwise! I did originally intend to call my company "Jamming" but due to my varied interests (in that it's not just music I make), I wanted something that could work with multiple interests. Adding "Studio" in front seemed to fit the bill at the time, although I see how it might be confusing!

Studio Jamming is Jamie Warne's solo venture; a tiny "company" he started to share his various passions:

  • Composing music
  • Designing tiny architectural spaces
  • Photography
  • Model-making
  • Video production & editing
  • Graphical asset creation

I may not be making a living wage from it, but I'm doing the stuff I love.

I'm based in the beautiful and rural New Forest, in the south of England, UK.


Absolutely! This entire website and all its contents are all my own work; from the graphics, the designs, the music, the text, the modelmaking, all the website code, the... you get the idea! I am the only person involved.

Nope! I had classical music lessons for 11 years but never took music exams because I didn't want the stress to take the fun out of it. I stopped taking lessons when I decided that I wanted to make my own music.
I actually pulled out of studying product design at uni after a year because it wasn't at all right for me; both in terms of the course, and the people in it. As such, everything else that I've learnt, I've learnt entirely by myself; the only way for me to learn effectively is to experiment, make mistakes, and then learn from them!

I'm naturally a very introverted person, but I have done occasional projects whilst working alongside other people. As well as music for the Skautfold series of video games, I help out with testing, grammar, some graphics, media, public relations etc. Musically speaking, I once composed and recorded a piano track to fit lyrics written by a songwriter; who was working on an advert promoting a pet charity. That's about it! As you can tell from this website; I like to do as much as I can by myself!


  • Reason 8.4 (DAW/music production)
  • Audacity (audio processing)
  • Voicemeeter (virtual audio interface)
  • Adobe PP/Ps/Il/Fl (video & photo editing, graphics, basic animation)
  • SketchUp (3D design)
  • Visualizer (3D rendering)


  • Custom Chillblast i7 AMD Ryzen PC
  • M-Audio Oxygen 88 (MIDI keyboard)
  • M-Audio AV-40 (reference monitors)
  • Blue Yeti (mic)
  • Dual ASUS VS228 monitors


That's a surprisingly tough question to answer! Depending on workload, how many pieces you require, and what style you require; I may be able to produce custom music for you. See next question for more info.

Cost: Depends on how many pieces you need, what style you want, and other technical details. As such, I can't really give a definitive answer; especially as the only paid work I've done so far was based on a percentage of the project's profit, rather than being a fixed rate per song. If pushed, I'd say £10/min of music is a good starting point... (Don't underestimate how long it takes to produce music; it often takes anywhere upwards of 30mins to produce even the simplest minute of music!)

Styles: Whilst I don't mind the odd challenge in producing music styles outside of my comfort range, I'm most adept at producing two very different styles of music; rock and orchestral! I also quite enjoy a bit of blues and jazz. However, if you're looking for something like dubstep (or any urban styles), you've come to the wrong place! Sorry! If in doubt, check out my royalty free music page to get a feel for the music I produce.

Well, everyone has to start somewhere. I knew I did not have the skill, experience, or qualifications needed to produce music for other people for a fee. I decided the best idea was therefore to produce some royalty free music, in styles that I wanted to experiment in.

As long as a piece of music is marked "royalty free", or is on the royalty free page, the ONLY> restriction is that you attribute me and my website correctly.

The bare minimum is to add this in a prominent place:
Music by Jamie Warne,

Although if you want the full attribute, it's this:
[Title of piece], Jamie Warne ( Licensed under Creative Commons: by Attribution 3.0

Such attribution should be clearly visible in a prominent place, i.e. in the credits of your project, or the description of a Youtube video


I don't currently make any money from my other interests, but if the opportunity arose in the future, I definitely wouldn't pass on an opportunity. Currently, my other interests are aimed at myself, or my friends and family. Photography is usually of places I visit, and of family. Model-making is purely for my own creative interest, but being able to produce an article about my model-making for a magazine was a particular recent highlight. I also take my models to exhibitions and shows on occasion; in fact, as a result of the article I've had several invitations to big-name shows!

For once, I'm using my interest in photography and videography to produce something big; a documentary on the village I grew up in. You can find out more here (Although note that the page is currently inactive - it'll be up by August though.):