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Godshill Inclosure, just inside from Woodgreen Common.

Godshill Inclosure

Photo taken 27th September 2018

Sun rays pierce through the canopy of trees in Godshill Inclosure, the New Forest. This was taken just inside the inclosure from the top of Woodgreen Common. Photo by Jamie Warne.


My London-style diorama

London-inspired diorama

24th September 2021

My latest project for BRM (British Railway Modelling) was to create a small diorama. The catch was that I had to anglicise a German plastic kit and make use of it in the scene. In the end, I carried out a dramatic conversion - from two 4-5 storey German buildings, to three diminuitive London-esque buildings; a shop, cafe, and pub.

Of course, being that we were in the midst of a national lockdown during the time of building it, I couldn't help but give all three of the properties humerous names; "Pan-demic Kitchen Design", "Mask-a-pone", and "The Stay Inn"...

Find it in BRM Oct '21!

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