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Sandy Shores awarded RH trophy

Winning an award!

I'm pleased to announce that my exhibition layout, Sandy Shores, was awarded the Reinier Hendriksen trophy at ExpoNG 2019. "Since October 2000 the trophy has been awarded to the creator of the narrow gauge layout which the jury considers to be built in the spirit of Reinier's own work: compact, atmospheric and well modelled."

As you'd imagine, I'm over-the-moon, and would like to thank the Greenwich & District Narrow Gauge Model Railway Society; both for their fantastic show, and the unexpected award! I am trying to acquire a photo of the occasion, but for now, you can check my external blog; where I've posted over 100 photos from the show.

Website Under Construction

This website is currently being rebuilt from the ground up. In the meantime, apologies for the downtime; I am building this website completely from scratch (and learning everything as I go) so this is bound to take some time, although good progress has already been made.

With regards to the architectural blog, every single entry has to be remade, and as such I'm taking the time not only to rewrite some of the earlier ones, but also to produce new, higher quality renders. As such, this is taking a LONG time as you can probably imagine; although the newer entries will hopefully need less work. Some of the entries may not appear, or will be combined, if it makes more sense to do so. Note: The blog will be incomplete for a few months. I do, however, have a couple of brand new entries that are almost ready to go up; so I will prioritise them.

In the meantime, thanks for your patience! If you have any concerns, please do use the social media buttons or email button (which are permanently visible on the bottom of every page) to contact me. I especially welcome any feedback about the new website; good or bad.


Jamie Warne

I'm a freelance creative person with many interests; music, photography, small space design, model-making, and everything in between!